How To Setup DockHive Node

Dockhive node providers play a pivotal role in furnishing the requisite cloud resources for the network, serving as its backbone. As such, they are entrusted with the crucial task of ensuring the network's operational integrity. In acknowledgment of their indispensable contribution, these providers are entitled to rewards, which are contingent upon the DockHive consensus mechanism. This mechanism, governed by Proof Of Build (POB) and Proof of Container Activeness (PoCA), is underpinned by Seacure Weave consensus.

Node providers seeking to participate in this ecosystem are required to undergo a registration process to become onboarded as providers. Interested parties can initiate this process by signing up through the designated portal. Subsequently, a consultation session will be arranged with our dedicated team to facilitate the seamless setup of your node infrastructure. We encourage prospective providers to commence their journey with us by initiating the registration process and availing themselves of the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from the Dockhive network.

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